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We understand that organizing your wedding can be a time consuming and stressful process, especially if you are planning your wedding in Greece remotely. For us it is all about planning the right steps and making it an enjoyable journey, that will lead to your own unique amazing celebration.

Please, find these steps below and we'll be right here providing the ongoing support you need.

  • The first contacts will be all about learning about your vision, answering your questions, talking about you and your style, your wedding music, wedding lighting etc, offer our advice and proposals, learning each other and start building a relationship (email, chat, video call).
  • As soon as you feel we are the ones for you, we can move on with securing your wedding date and services (contract, down payment).
  • Right after, you'll receive our music planning form to begin tailoring your wedding music in detail. You can also send us your spotify wedding playlist or any other playlists you have created for your wedding.
  • As soon as you're ready with your wedding soundtrack, we can arrange a video call to talk about your wedding music and flow of the day. Furthermore, we'll be here to help with anything you might need during the whole planning period (email, chat, video call).
  • Your wedding day is almost here! We can meet and talk about the last details. If not possible to meet it would be also fine to email, chat or video call.
  • Finally, your wedding day has arrived! Now it is the time to enjoy yourselves with your loved ones! We'll do the rest as planned and promised. Congratulations!
  • A couple weeks later when life goes back to normal, you'll receive from us a thank you message, requesting also your feedback for your experience.


We do not have any pricing information on our website at the moment. Please, send us a message and we would love to create a custom proposal based on your needs or select one of our fully customizable packages.

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