Photo booth for your wedding in Greece

The Photobooth is a great fun and stylish addition that will excite your guests and enhance your reception.
We offer 2 Photo-Booth options to choose the one that matches your preferences & style.

The Mirror your guests will love

The Mirror Booth is a full size Hollywood style mirror, packed with the latest photobooth technology and interactive features. The mirror's surface is a huge touchscreen that will invite your guests to touch and write anything they want, while playful voice guidance and graphics are displayed.

As soon as the Mirror host hits Start, they will have 3 seconds to take their positions with their props on and act as crazy as possible! The mirror will do its magic capturing and printing your fun moments!

The Vintage Photobooth

The Vintage Booth is a classic photobooth with a beautiful wooden vintage design. It offers high quality images and printings and all the standard features you would expect from a photobooth. All that requires is to grab your props and go crazy with your friends!

What does your dream wedding party feels like?

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