Why choose


Whichever your vision is our goal is your wedding in Greece to be the best experience in your life, ending with the most epic way. Your wedding party!

- Ok, but how will you make this happen?

- Here’s How.

From the first contact months before your wedding, we’ll be next to you answering your questions, offering our advise and design together your wedding day as you have imagined it. We’ve done it so many times and know how to help you, so feel secured and leave any stress behind.

More specifically

  • We’ll go through your wedding music, flow, speeches and any happenings you might have during your wedding reception. If you are also thinking to have a wedding band, singer or musician we’ll cooperate with them flawlessly.
  • We’ll design in detail your wedding lighting - and any other service - in a way that matches your style and atmosphere of your venue.


  • Every year 90% of our weddings are destination weddings with couples and guests from all over the world. Thus we are very familiar managing the individual needs, different cultures/customs and tastes in music.
  • We love teamwork and teamwork is equal with success. Therefore we will work closely with your most important wedding vendors, such as your wedding planner, wedding photographer and wedding cinematographer.
  • You will enjoy a clean cut presentation. Aesthetics is a part of who we are in our everyday lives, so it is equally important to us as it is to you. Regardless the style of your wedding (is it a boho wedding, a romantic wedding, a luxury wedding in Greece?) style and elegance will be present in everything we’ll create for you.
  • Saving for last, you will absolutely love the festive spirit and creative performance of our professional wedding djs, offering a packed dance floor filled with excitement and lifetime memories for you and your guests, from your fairytale wedding in Greece!